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PA Equine Directory
117 N. Front Street - Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972
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Equine Dentists
A horse's mouth is important for overall health & performance. A healthy mouth is a happy horse! Equine dentistry services include floating, wolf teeth & cap removal, creating bit seats, wave & hook correction, incisor reduction & alignment, canine teeth reduction and full mouth balancing.
Dianne Frack, LLC - Equine Dentist
Berks County
Macungie, PA 18062
At completion of floating all sharp points, ramps, waves, hooks and ETR are corrected. The mouth is leveled and balanced. I do not charge for exams.
Jeremy's Equine Dentistry
Dauphin County
Jeremy Brocious
6418 Schoolhouse Road
Hershey, PA 17033

I perform natural dental work to ensure the safety of each
equine. I utilize hand tools to accomplish the best desired
results without disturbing the routine or the environment 
of the animal.

Split Creek Equine Solutions
Washington County - MD
12834 Clopper Road
Hagerstown, MD 21742
Horses develop dental problems due to their
environment, genetics and performance. I am a
gnathological equine dentist. I will help your horse
achieve better performance, balance and digestion.
Every horse deserves dental care, no matter their
role. Give me a call and allow me to help you and
your horse have a better relationship in and out of
the saddle.
Sweet Retreat Equine Dentistry
Felton, PA 17322
Offering equine dental services within 2 hours of Felton, PA 17322. Floats done primarily with hand tools...
Cumberland Valley Equine Service
Dr. Robert H. Kraybill
Cumberland Valley Equine Service is a veterinary practice
located in south-central Pennsylvania devoted to the
care of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. CVES is 
owned and operated by Robert H. Kraybill, DVM, and 
provides on-farm veterinary care in Adams, Cumberland,
Dauphin, Perry and York counties. CVES offers Motorized
Dentistry & Digital Dental. Please explore our website, 
or call and chat to find out why CVES should be your first
choice for the primary care of your horses.
Fax:  717-502-6743
Cumberland Valley Equine Service
Elite Equine Dentistry
Lebanon County
Melanie Getz
​By using hand tools I provide a complete dental exam.
Taking down hooks, ramps and sharp points, as well as 
bit seats, incisor work and balanced floating. I give the 
horse multiple breaks throughout the exam to allow safety
and comfort. Call if you have any questions or to set up 
an appointment 717-926-8343. 
Elite Equine Dentistry
Garland Equine Dentistry
313 Kaufman Rd -  Gibsonia, PA 15044
Basic and specialty equine dental care including float, wolf tooth removal, bit seats, molar table reduction.
PA Equine Directory
Duncan Equine Dental Services ~ .Katelyn Duncan
408 Balance Meeting Road - Peach Bottom, PA 17563
You will find our practice exceeds in providing reasonably priced services and high-quality Equine Dentistry. 
Tooth & Nail Equine Services, LLC ~ John Sachaczenski
Richboro, PA
Dental and hoof care for balanced horse health. 
Garland Equine Dentistry
Allegheny - PA
Nikki Garland
313 Kaufman Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Services offered:
~ Farm call/Exam 
~ Reduction of buccal and lingual points
    (basic float)* 
~ Molar table reduction 
~ Malocclusion correction/Reduction 
   (waves, hooks, ramps, steps, ETR)
~ Incisor malocclusion correction 
~ Balancing of incisors 
~ Bit seats 
~ Canine reduction and tartar removal 
~ Wolf tooth removal**

*Often a basic reduction of buccal and lingual points (float) is not enough to correct all of the malocclusions in an equine’s mouth. Extra charges may apply to correct these problems. 
** Legally a veterinarian must supply or administer all sedation drugs. Horses are required to be sedated for wolf tooth extraction.
*** If you believe your horse requires sedation for dental procedures please make arrangements with your vet prior to your appointment.