PA Equine's List of Equestrian Apps

As the saying goes...."There's an App for that!"  - how true it is!  We have compiled a list of useful apps that
can help you keep track of record keeping for your horses, trail rides, stable management, budget, trips, safety,
competitions & more!

Horse Keeping - Keep track of your horse's records, appointments, contacts & more!

Horse Box is available in both iTunes and Google Play.  You can also Track your Ride!  $2.99

EQStable is available in iTunes.   You can also Track your Ride!  FREE

Pocket Stable is available in the iTunes store.  $1.99

Shoeboxed is available
in both iTunes and Google Play.  Keeps track of your receipts and is a mileage tracker. FREE

Stable Mate is available in both Google Play and iTunes.  FREE

EquiSketch Records is available in iTunes$9.99

Healthy Horse is available in Google Play​ and iTunes. Horse Weight Estimation $1.99

Know Your Horse is available in Google Play and iTunes$2.99

Horse Keeper is available in iTunes.


SmartBlanket is available in Google Play & iTunes FREE


The Equestrian is available in Google Play​ and iTunes. Day-to-day Horse Management.  FREE

For the Trail Rider

See Horse Box and EQStable info above, you can also track your ride with both of those apps.

"Pocket Ranger®  is available in both iTunes and Google Play. Search by activity to view the State Parks & Forests that allow horseback riding.  You can also view the trail maps and detailed information about the trails.  Enjoy!  FREE

TrailLogger is available in iTunes. Ride America Trail Log -  Log your trail riding hours for your breed association. The app will keep track of multiple horses. $1.99

Horse Trail App

Available in both iTunes $4.99 and
Google Play $3.00. View and add trails. 

EQUiTrail App is available in iTunes. The ultimate trail riding app!

EQUiTrail App Maps - there are maps for Gettysburg and Codorus State Park listed here. $4.99

Horse Rider SOS is available in both iTunes $6.99 and
Google Play $7.95

Endomondo is available in iTunes & Google PlayWindows Phone. FREE

EasyTrails GPS is an app that will tell you how far, how fast and how long you rode. Available in

both iTunes and Google Play. $3.99 There is also a Lite version for Free.

Clubs & Events

AQHA Rules is available in both iTunes and Google PlayFREE

iEquine is available in the iTunes store. Search thousands of events and access all of the information about that event. FREE

NRHA Handbook is available in iTunesFREE

Course Maps & Patterns

CourseWalk is available in both iTunes and Google Play.  Designed for Eventers $9.99

CrossCountry is available in the iTunes store. Eventing Nation Info $12.99

iRein is available in the iTunes. NRHA patterns. $2.99


Walk Pro by Mobile AWS is available in iTunes.    An app for walking the course. $.99


Horse 360 is available in both iTunes and Google Play. A learning tool for horse owners.  Great app for 4H members to learn horse anatomy! $1.99

Equine Drugs is available in both iTunes and Google Play.  Complete reference for veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians! $27.99

Horse Side Vet Guide is available in both iTunes and Google Play.  Database of equine health information. $4.99


Levade is available in both iTunes and Google Play. An indepth & interactive training log. Keep track of lessons in real time and review them later.  Monthly $9.99/Annual Subscription $97.99

Other Apps

US Rider is available in both iTunes and Google Play.  If you have a membership to US Rider, this is a must have app!  FREE!

Hoober App is available in both iTunes & Google Play. Looking for parts for your tractor, new/used equipment or a store location?  FREE!


Hurdlr App is available in both iTunes & Google Play. Mileage & Expense Tracker,  and Tax Log. In App Purchases.