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Bite-Lite® is a Connecticut family business devoted to designing, manufacturing, and/or distributing insect control products that are inspired by nature and scientifically proven to work since 2010. With the new H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System, you’ll use nature and not chemicals to trick menacing horse flies also known as greenheads, deer flies, yellow flies, and B-52 black bombers. Eliminate the use for horse fly spray and horse sheets close to the paddock.  This unique one legged horse fly trap uses an inflatable black ball to effectively attract and catch bloodsucking horse flies- the females, and not the males, are the biters! The unit’s range covers 2.5 acres or five horses, and is sturdy, UV proof, wind resistant, easy to set up and maintain, and scientifically tested to protect riders and their horses. Two year warranty on mechanical parts. For this one of a kind horse fly trap receive our special offer by using promo code: PAtrap20 at check out.

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