Horse Trails in Upstate PA

Enjoy the Upstate PA on horseback!

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Lackawanna State Park

Lackawanna County

Park Office Information:


Miles of Trails: 6.5

Level Of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Trail Markings: Blazed as per map

Horse Camping: No

The multi-use trails can be used by horseback riders. Abington Trail is recommended. Trailer parking is available in the northeastern section of the park along Wallsville Road (PA 438).


Loyalsock State Forest

Sullivan, Lycoming & Bradford Counties

Park Office Information:


Miles of Trails: 52 ( Two 26-mile loops)

Trail Markings: Red Blaze

Level of Difficulty: Mostly easy to moderate.

Horse Camping: Yes

Thre is a designated bridle trail for horseback riding and a trailhead for camping with horses and trailers.  The 52-mile designated trail features 2 loops that originate and terminate at the trailhead along World’s End Road, making it convenient for equine enthusiasts. In addition to the designated trail, horseback riding is permitted on nearly 130 miles of state forest roads and well over 200 miles of trails.


The trails are marked with a red blaze (2” x 6”) and shared
with hikers and non-motorized bicycles. Trails marked with a
combination red\blue blaze are shared with cross country skiers
in addition to the other users previously mentioned. Other
trails marked with yellow or yellow\red blazes or the Letters
LT (“Loyalsock Trail”) in red\yellow are for hikers only. The
Loyalsock Trail is closed to horses, except where designated
otherwise. For additional information obtain a copy of the Bridle
Trail guide from the DCNR website, forest district office or trailhead.


The Bridle Trail Parking Area accommodates up to 22 trailers for overnight primitive equestrian camping. Free to stay, however,
camping permits are required from the forest district office. Direct access to equestrian trails. Do not tie horses to trees or allow them to chew or rub the bark off trees. Utilize the high line poles at the campground or stake your horses so that they cannot reach the
trees. A water well and hand pump exists at the Bridle Trail Parking Area. The scattering of manure can occur on the Loyalsock State
Forest, but it must be at least 100 feet away from the camping area, the trail, and all water sources.


Horse Camping Update (page 26-27 in the 2016 trail guide):

A manure composting station was added in the camping area. Scattering of manure is no longer allowed.

Ricketts Glen State Park

Columbia, Luzerne & Sullivan Counties



Park Office Information:


Miles of Trails: 11.5

Trail Markings: Red Blaze

Horse Camping: No

Equestrian riders may enjoy taking a 12.5-mile loop by riding the Cherry Run Trail, Mountain Springs Road and Mountain Springs Trail. Sights to see include: old railroad grades, the dry lakebed of Mountain Springs Lake (formerly used to make ice) and an old concrete dam once used to hold back Lake Leigh (now a dry lake).


Horse Trailer Parking Reminder (page 4-5 in the Eastern PA trail guide):

Horse trailers are not permitted in the Beach Lot #2 parking are. You must park in the dirt lot next to it.

Horse Trails in Upstate PA. Trail riding locations in Lackawanna & Columbia County PA. Horse Camping information, trail head locations and trail maps.